Friday, March 21, 2014


Field Trip Day!
Not an idea unique to us as there were 6+ school buses outside when we got there.
One area we had neglected to explore until yesterday was the dinosaur zone.
Very cool.

Here's my cuties.
Though I still wouldn't say I 'love' the subway, it's still the lesser of two evils.
The other evil being driving for 45 minutes to get downtown and then paying $20 to park.
We saw the ROM subway station which is pretty posh.
Of course, we also saw a hobo with his 200lb stinky dog and some teenagers using the f-word as verb, adjective, adverb, and noun.


Anonymous said...

I loved the piano piece... he plays with great feeling and style..... Loved it

Anonymous said...

Love the smiles....

A,keep going....thanks for the video. You know how much nan loves to hear you and your brother on the piano.

Great stuff going on over there.

Lots of love...nana

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