Sunday, March 23, 2014

School Check

As part of our Ocean Unit ... fish defence.
They were asked to show creatures using spines/blades, camouflage, hiding, diversion. speed, and protective shells. I think they both showed great detail.
This was my contribution.
In my opinion, the kids show more commitment and interest in a task if I work alongside them.
Besides, I love to colour.
They've done a science experiment, talked about the depth and nature of the ocean and a couple different ocean creatures. They're about half way through the unit so they still have a lot to learn.
They're more than halfway through the history curriculum for this year.
This week I had them indicate on a map the main events of a pivotal and busy few years(1744-1751).
Now they have that clear I think we're ready to go forward in time again
And sometimes we just play games.

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