Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Catch Up

We had an early Christmas on Dec.20. Which for anyone who knows me ... is no big surprise.
I've never been very good at keeping Christmas to just one day.
But this time I had a great reason.
We were heading off to visit these little cuties and their parents.
There had been some concern that Charlie wouldn't be comfortable with littles around ..... 
.... he was fine. These two had quite a lot of fun.
And unbelievably ... a brown Christmas. 
Leaf blowers and walks with no winter jackets?
Are we still in Canada?
Christmas morning brought presents that everybody loved.
And these are just a couple of gratuitous cute pictures of my niece and nephew.
You're welcome.
There was lots of room to get us all in at the new house ...
.. not just for this picture but also for all the sleeping, eating and playing we did all week.
Thanks for hosting OS Barefoots

I want to send out an official 'Congratulations'.
Welcome to the Family Ted. You fit right in.
2006 versus 2015
Either my tree is shrinking or my kids are getting very big.

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Christmas Flurry....of Pictures