Friday, December 18, 2015

Thursday Skills

After starting hockey in September A has really been working on his skills.
Yesterday was his big game before Christmas. 
And he scored to tie the game!!!!
E did a great job on the piano at his school's talent show.
I love that he chose to participate.
And the icing on the cake of a great performance .....
the performers took the stage to perform some Christmas Carols.
And if that wasn't a big enough day ..... 
we went to the new Star Wars movie last night.


What's New at The Allen's said...

Whew! That was a big day. Kudos for two amazing and talented guys.
Love yahs

Anonymous said...

You are such amazing people.....the boys and the parents! Talk about reaching for the stars.....these boys have already started and there will be no end to their successes in life and I get to call precious grandsons.

We are counting the days over here. Can't wait to be together and share in the meaning of, love and more love!
All Ted and I wanted for Christmas was to be surrounded by family and we are being blessed ..... our prayer is being answered.

Sending our love across the miles....until next Wednesday when we will all gather in one place to celebrate Christmas.
Mom and Ted

Christmas Flurry....of Pictures