Monday, December 07, 2015

Grandpa Visit

Come on boys .... be serious for a second so I can get a picture!
There we go .... great picture.
There was time for a quick trip to the Heritage Village for the lights.
And we shared a meal with some of my favourite people.
And it definitely looks like Grandpa and Charlie hit it off.

Week 14 Dec7-11 
History-STOW -New Kingdom
Math- Improper/Mixed Fractions
Unit Study-Amphibians/Reptiles
Language- Apostrophes

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Anonymous said...

Ottawa is ready for Christmas....the decorations are up, Christmas cookies are being served and visitors are starting to roll in.
You folks are always ahead of everyone make all the difference.

We will soon be all in the one place celebrating Christmas......hallelujah!

Boys look great......I always love to see their beautiful smiles.

Love to

Christmas Flurry....of Pictures