Monday, July 25, 2016


It's different when your cousins are small.
You get to be seen as more of a grown up.

And test out your babysitting skills.
If you're really brave .... you get to try things that you'd otherwise be considered 'too old' for.
They didn't have these cool riding toys at the mall when the boys were small.
And if you happen to have a baseball event .... you get quite the cheering squad.
I feel like Adm has perhaps lost his interest in watching his brother at baseball. Haha
It was good practice for Charlie also.
The babes are very well behaved at not crowding him or grabbing at him.
And he's starting to warm up to these little people.

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Anonymous said...

I am just too far away>>>I miss the interaction with the kids and the antics of the boys/girls/friends/ and grownups or young older cousins as eell. My hands do not always type what they are supposed to, but the message is the same...all my LOVE to you and everyone on this the 25 July 2016,.......a very special day that will always be with me....forever....Love GP..xoxo hugs to to all the kids...

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