Thursday, July 28, 2016

Why I Love to PoGo

I'll let you in on a little secret. Trains were not something that I was passionate about.
That might come as a surprise to anyone who has seen me post train pictures for years.
Trains we've ridden, visited, bought, built, traveled to see; train collections, train shows, train trips and train stores.

The boys loved everything about trains; we spent hours talking about them.
(And my kids would smell me faking it from a mile away so I really had to commit to loving trains.)

When I engaged with them on this common interest they were so energized and passionate.
And I got a front row seat to so many of their discoveries and joys.
(M was right there along for the ride too.)
All this to say .... I'm still pursuing that shared experience with the kids.
The older they get the less they share.
But when I'm committed to loving what they love ... I can still get that front row seat to their life.
(I've also logged a lot of km walking, met some nice people and my ocd tendencies have me dreaming of a full Pokedex.)

Just a note: my love of Medieval History, Warships and Submarines and LEGO may be 'family based' .... but my love of colouring is all me!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures....Opa and I really enjoyed reading what you wrote with each pic. You have a way with words....but then again you always have....a great start to our to all.

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