Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Front Hall Done

We've had a problem with our front hall. It didn't really function well for us.
You can see that, as a result of the closet doors and the door to the hall, movement was restricted.
Typically, we entered one at a time ... proceeded forward to remove our shoes and jackets ... then shuffled to the right-to make room- ... then back towards the door to enter the hall. 
During the winter this was a somewhat hurried process in an attempt to get the door closed asap so the cold air wouldn't get in!!
Speaking of the door closing ... while that was happening someone would need to step into the closet.
And if there was more than 4 people ..... well you can just imagine the bottle neck.
Voila! The solution. 
Reducing the footprint of the closet by almost half (but adding a much needed bench), and removing the wall and door that separated the hall from the front area.
Lots of room for the front door to open and close. Lots of room for people to come in, sit down, hang their coats and comfortably enter.
Coming in and looking to the right. 
First the front wall and then the hall to the kitchen.
Finally, the cabinet/bench and EXIT wall.
We love it!!!!
And the garden continues to grow.

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Anonymous said...

Looks amazing....we love it!
Mom & Opa

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