Sunday, January 29, 2017

All About That Boy

This week at school E had the Cardboard Boat Race Field Trip, a Religion test on Friday, two after school extra-curricular practices and a dentist appointment where he once again had no cavities.
However, because I'm not there to document his activities ..... this picture will represent E's week.

The last co-op session on the Renaissance was Wednesday and A did a great job playing the Dauphin in the skit that the older students presented.

We managed to snag a friend on a free morning and spend some time at the Museum of Nature.

'A' had been looking forward to seeing their special exhibit on Reptiles.

And there was a hockey tournament this weekend.
Lots of hockey.

He played amazingly (if I do say so myself).

And it was great for him to look into the stands and see so many smiling faces looking back at him.
Go Team!

Week 20 Jan30-Apr3
Writing- Paragraph Structure
Math- Percentages
History- Marco Polo
Science- Motion
Outdoor Ed- Skills of the Wild


grampy peter said...

outstanding! Love to see the boys in a team sport....good life lessons to depend on each other for a common goal, and teamwork, will be the life lesson and the victor will be the experience and oh Yess...not to mention FUN and exercise.
Well done Adam, now if you would just check your email once in a while...LOL...Grumpy grampy Peter.....Love you all soooooo much.

grampy peter said...

Got the Jean Beliveau and Bobby Orr, jersey....sweet!!

grampy peter said...

Hey Big E.....take it easy man, sounds like you had a very busy week. dont forget to have some fun along the way,,,GP

Anonymous said...

What can we say from over! Adam you look like a pro on the ice and Eric well all your achievements are outstanding. All I can say is ....amazing grandsons with amazing parents. To all of you .....Keep up the good work!
Much love nana and Opa

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