Saturday, February 20, 2010

Comin's and Goin's

A and a friend playing with the guinea pigs.

Here are the boys at TKD.

Today they earned their purple belts.

All of the people at today's graduation. Can you find A?


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, CONGRADULATIONS!!! You boys are getting really good at the TKD. Another belt, fantastic, keep it up and soon you will be black belts, and we will be watching you on TV!! I have a parcel for you all and will send it Monday. Some treats for being such great athletes, so keep your eyes on the postman.....Love you all very much....Grampy Peter

Anonymous said...

WOW....congradulations. You guys are amazing!

Cute friend you have there Adam.

Of course I could find A in the crowd. Who couldn't find his beautiful face. If he or Eric were in a crowd of thousands we not have a problem because of those great smiles coming out at us.

Love to all.

Me said...

I found him... cute as a button and a whole head shorter. I am so proud of those boys! :-)
Big Hugs from Granny

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