Sunday, February 07, 2010

A tste of home!

Well, the blizrd of 2010 is now being referred to in the news as Snwmageddon. Some say as much as 28". But we have not yet gone outside to measure. Here are some pics of us enjoying the weather yeserday.

The kids found a holly tree that was hollowed out underneath. It became a fort and was really good for protecting us from the elements.

The snow started on Friday at about 10:00a.m. and finished Saturday evening around 7:00p.m. When we awoke this morning, here are some snaps of the courtyard.


Anonymous said...

Wow....quite something. I saw it on the news before heading to bed last night. Looks like the boys had a blast.

Love nana

The Allen Family said...

Incredible... great photos!!

Cathy said...

Sure doesn't look like that here!! But definitely a taste of home. Love the photos.

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