Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On A Serious Note....and Also Not

On a serious note. For a little while now A has been expressing some frustration/sadness about his middle name. E is very proud(and tells everybody he meets) that he has the same middle name as his dad...and his dad....and his dad. This has A feeling like a second class son....SO...I told him that he was allowed to 'officially' change his name....and I made a certificate. Now A is very happy with his name and that he is the same kind of Baref**t as the other boys. To commemorate the moment I thought I would video him explaining the situation.
Yikes....talk about having trouble putting your thoughts together.
When I went back to rewatch it I was reminded of another video I once saw......

We are still tracking the Olympic Medals every morning. And we've started our mapping unit.

We talked about how many people(L_E_G_O in this case) arrived in Vancvr for the Olympics. And we discussed what the host city needed to have to accomodate them.
But all work and no play makes for a dull afternoon so before TKD and French we went for a treat with our neighbour/friends.


Anonymous said...

WOW, I can only imagine the frustration our Adam was feeling. Well let me be the first to welcome him into the "middle name John" group. We love you soooooo much that maybe we should all add James as a middle name...that would be real cool. Keep up the outstanding work Mom, and keep the blog comming, it makes life so much more enjoyable to witness the goings on Cross the Border..Love Grampy Peter

Me said...

This is super! A middle name "John" club... can I join?
Granny John Allen.
I like it.
Meaning of the name John: God's Grace.

J Ford said...

I was so touched when I heard A talk about not being in the John club. And how amazing, that you recognized making a small change would make him so happy!

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