Sunday, February 14, 2010


I bought a Jr.Scrbble game a couple of weeks ago at the second hand store. The boys had a round yesterday.
We were out to get a baby gift for a neighbour (they had a boy) and my boys found these great jackets....and they were really discounted. ($10/each)
E's SundaySchool class had a bake sale for Haiti today.
And this is just a cute pic of the boys talking on the phone with their guineapigs to Nana.


Anonymous said...

I love the jackets and Eric your hair is fantasic. I relly don't think you two guys could get any cuter.

I am sure that you are the most hip guys in your!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day
Your still my very owe sweethearts.

Y said...

Scrabble Jr. Oooh...that brings back memories.

Christmas Flurry....of Pictures