Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well the countdown has started.....Easter is on the way.
The boys love to open their story eggs.

Does this kid look like he's ready to take on the day or what?

And here's a good lookin' kid......he's so handsome.
This is the class that E is in during our Co-Op program.
E and I have been learning to play the piano with a cd program. This is the song E is working on right now.


Cathy said...

I'm intriged by the story eggs. How do they work? I'm assuming they are telling the story of Jesus' days up to his death on the cross. I would love to learn how this works as to help N understand more the story of Easter (Lent).

Anonymous said...

Good morning,

Wow I see shorts being worn...must be nice!

The boys are looking as handsome as ever and the smiles are always wonderful. Where there is God there is joy...hallelujah!!!!

Love nana

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