Monday, March 22, 2010

Success--(As long as I upload from the back room)

Here's the boys doing their edit board on Friday.


I love the look of seriousness on A's face.

Just a cute pic of A.

First day on the attach-a-bike.

The other boys on their bikes.

We asked a lady walking by to snap a family pic of us on our bikes.


Me said...

I love the photo of the "bike family".... the trail-a-long unit is new.
Curious... the computer works better in the back part of the house? odd.
Glad you are able to post photos again.... :-)

Anonymous said...

What a great pic. Keep up the great work on the Blog, and like Me said, keep the "bike family" peddling. I think that A has the best bike, nothing dumb about that guy......Love to all, Grampy P

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