Wednesday, December 08, 2010

16 Days To Go

The boys helped me get ready for a little get together we had today with friends.

Look at our little cute and so yummy.

I can't even believe I am putting this picture on here seeing as how I am in my p.j.s!!

You can see that M hadn't changed into his pyjamas yet.

And the final touch.....the star.

Today was the Christmas concert at our bible study. Here's A and his good friend K.
(Those little angels in red at the bottom of the photo are also friends of ours.)

Here's E. He was a little les enthusiastic towards the camera. The two boys beside him are his friends. They were over here for our Christmas get together this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

So enjoyed the blog today with all the Christmas activities going on.

It cetainly takes children to make Christmas and all of those smiling faces certainly are showing us the joy of the season.

Love to

Christmas Flurry....of Pictures