Thursday, December 09, 2010


As the boys progress with the tkd it gets more intense.

Here doing split leg push-ups.....check out A doing them on his knuckles.


Anonymous said...

On his knuckles? Impressive and hard core. I remember when I went and saw them and the kid beside them kept farting every time he did a kick and the chubby one on the other side coulnd't quite grasp the concept of running forward, he kept chasing his tail in backward circles.

Anonymous said...

You two can protect me any time!! I remember the first time I saw both of you at TKD. You have learnt so much and improved so much. WOW!!!
Grandpa T will never catch up to you now! You are leaving him in the dust!!
Love Grandma D.

Anonymous said...

this will give the boys con fidence to tackle most anything that they come up against in this life. And they are really getting good at it. Keep up the good work Adam and Eric...Perseverance pays huge dividends...Love Grampy Peter

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