Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Bingo! That's what they call these sheets. The #s represent tags that have been placed on your belongings. We had 326 tags. As they enter the house they call out the colour and # of the tag and you mark it off. Turns out....we were missing 30 tags. Seems they were off loaded with someone else's things and they are currently trying to locate them. Some of the missing items include the top of our diningroom table, our bikes, our dehumidifier,the kid bookcase-BIG items. Also, the box that has all our set up items in it. So-o-o-o-o-o-o, we can't assemble anything.
Apparently when you ask God for patience He doesn't give you patience. He gives you experiences that require patience so you can practice it. Good to know.

This is me marking the Bingo sheet. It was hard to resist the urge to yell bingo every time they called out. Blue 129. Red 315. Blue 284. From 9:30-4:00.

There's a game show I used to love called The New Liar's Club. Contestants would listen to celebrities explain strange objects and then decide which celebrity was telling the truth. They were always outlandish. So fun. I was reminded of that game yesterday when one of the movers came and asked me what this was. Any guesses? I'll put the answer at the end of the post.

Also, I wanted to post a couple of pics of the change in paint colour in the front rooms.

This is from the front of the livingroom looking into the diningroom.



And this is looking from the same vantage point to the front hall.



And so you don't worry that our house is still as dirty as it was. Voila! The fridge.

Answer:the post and screws for the piano bench.


The Allen Family said...

Grrrrr.. I guessed that is was something that went on your exercise bike.
The newly painted walls are beautiful so much better!

Annette said...

my guess was a screw from your bed. Good luck finding all your lost items. Robbie still loves looking at you and the boys. hmm Someone seems to be missing? Cheers The Martins

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic, painting...the fridge is amazing!!!!

Love the paint job...what a difference.

Cute pic of you Johanna...

Love mom/nan

Mama Bear said...

It looked to me like the back tired off a wagon...but then when I saw the answer, I looked back and realized that they were flower-ish shaped and would not have made for a good ride!

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