Monday, July 25, 2011

You Give Moves A Bad Name

The Cookie Caper

M bought me a new phone today. A cool phone. Prettty exciting and I needed to know how to work it, and to add all my numbers and addresses. So for the first couple of hours after it was turned on I was quite preoccupied. During that time we were at the grocery store and the boys were choosing what kind of cookie to get. Apparently, M suggested that we each pick a box.


Obviously I wasn't listening. My consent sounded something like, "hmm, uh huh."

But they claimed that I couldn't take back the approval. This is a lot of cookies.

This backyard is awesome. The kids had a waterfight before dinner.

Both of our cars needed a safety check and an emissions test. Also, M's car needed an import inspection.

10:00a.m.--M called our local CT#1 and they said they do walk-in safety/emissions...but NOT import inspections. But CT#2 does do them.

10:15a.m.--He called CT#2. They confirmed they do import inspections but do NOT do walk-in safety/emissions.

10:30a.m.--We dropped carA at CT#1(they said it would be 2hours)

11:00-11:45am.--Drove carB to CT#2 and waited the 45minutes for it.

11:45-1:00p.m.--Lunch, PostOffice, Bought a CellPhone

1:30p.m.--After 3hours(not wanting to arrive early) we went back to pick up carA----they said it would be done in 40 more minutes. We waited.

2:15p.m.--We left CT#1 carB for safety/emissions and took carA to the provincial office for the registration paperwork.

3:15p.m.--Success x 1!!!!!

6:00p.m.--As of this writing carB is still at CT#1 We are waiting for the phone call.

We found out later that CT#1 does do import inspections. So we could have dropped them both off this a.m., walked home, and had the day to ourselves. Yup.


Mama Bear said...

And someone was complaining about the VA DMV's!

By the way, I saw your cardinal today. I actually sent it to find your new house, make sure you were all OK and to report back to me. It said everything was 'tweet!'

The Allen Family said...

C is for cookie,
that's good enough for me
C is for cookie,
that's good enough for me
C is for cookie,
that's good enough for me
Oh, cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C

(Cookie Monster eats the cookie)

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