Monday, January 23, 2012

For the Birds

After church yesterday we visited the MusmofNtre. And I asked the boys to pick out their favourite bird.

For E, that was the Trumpeter Swan. The world's largest waterfowl was once hunted almost to extinction for it's feathers (used to make quill pens). These swans usually mate for life and are typically migratory.

M picked the barn owl. This bird is one of the most widespread birds and pound for pound consumes more rodents than possibly any other creature. Contrary to popular belief they do not 'hoot' but instead screech.

A picked the Ruby Throated Hummingbird. This bird's wings can beat up to 75 times/second. And because of the special way the wings connect at the shoulder it can fly backwards and hover in front of flowers.

If you're interested in seeing more pics of E's hockey over to Grnny's.


The Allen Family said...

And you Johanna, what is your favourite bird?

BarefootBeat said...

thanks for asking mom, it's the Cedar Waxwing.

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