Sunday, December 09, 2012

Christmas Day (on the 9th)

Turkey Time. Turns out I was able to cook the turkey all by myself. (wink)
K, Santa and an elf were there for some post-dinner entertainment.
Great job. Thanks for organizing K
And then there were presents. Lots of presents.
All the boys doing Christmas....gangnam style.
Did I mention there were presents?

Then we moved this party on to AuntiJ's house.
And guess what was there? Presents in stockings.
Looks like Adm is having a special moment with his stocking.
Everyone had a bit of a play. And some yummy dessert.

And here we all are. After eating and playing and unwrapping and playing and eating.
Merry Christmas

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Anonymous said...

We know whom that "wink" was for don't we Heather. hehehehe
Your turkey looks fabulous... you have graduated Grasshopper.

Loved all the photos.. thanks for posting them.

D. Allen
Charter Memeber
Turkey Cookers of Canada

Christmas Flurry....of Pictures