Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Code Milky Green

It seems everyone around us has been getting sick and now it's our turn. E woke us up last night with a low fever and congestion. Today he was laying around in recuperation mode.
This guy has already bounced back from his couple days of illness.
This is definitely one of the homeschool hazards. When one is is off. So by the time we all have our turn being ill....we have missed a chunk of school. We did get some done today though.

Grampy has proven himself to be quite the skilled board game player.
He has been trouncing the boys at Racko, MasterMind and Uno.
(Though M kicked his butt at chess tonight)
Though they normally don't stay still for long...they are cuddlier when they are sick.
So cute. 


VMB said...

Being sick sucks. We hope everyone recuperates before Christmas.

P.S. love the quotes regarding French vs. Canadian kissing.

Trace said...

We're all sick here too...

But in all honesty - when the public schooled kids are sick - they don't learn either..... when the teacher is sick - productive learning takes a nosedive as well...

Feel better soon and Merry Christmas, from one homeschooling family to another...

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