Sunday, December 09, 2012

Christmas Version1

When Grandpa joined us in town on Friday we all met for a meal at the pizza place.
This was a fun pic Michael took while we were on our way in to the movie yesterday.
Grandma getting acquainted with the wildlife.
Laugh one laugh all. 

Cooking the turkey always makes me smile. It's remembering the other ways that the women in my family like to cook a turkey and all the conversations/heated discussions that have been had in the kitchen on holidays.

My mom loves to cook the meat until it screams!! She firmly believes that all recommended cooking times for turkeys should be least. If the turkey is checked and any moisture escapes from the's not done yet....cook it longer!
My other mom believes that turkeys should be completely dry when they are put in to cook. And she is not afraid to defile house towels in her efforts. The night before cooking the turkey she tucks it in to the fridge wrapped and stuffed with absorbent material.
All the better for gravy I hear.


Anonymous said...

You are so adorable made me laugh with your comments on the turkey.

Love to all,

Jenn said...

Thank you for a wonderful dinner. We had a great time!

Christmas Flurry....of Pictures