Friday, September 20, 2013

Resident Builder and GAD2

We have deemed a need for an extra table. I need somewhere for my puzzle and my laptop.
I found just what was needed at the Target store.
And since E has designated himself the resident handy-man he got to work.

GAD Part 2
So what does it mean exactly for my day-to-day when symptoms are flaring.
It means that I when I'm feeling restless and agitated I need to breath deeply and calm myself down. I need to go for walks and meditate.

And it means that when I'm feeling exhausted I have to ask myself if I'm legitimately tired, and if not, get my butt up and force myself to do something.

It means I'm startled by noises and changes to the environment. That I can't read a newspaper or watch the news because my reaction to anything negative will be severe.

It means I have to avoid chocolate and diet coke (due to caffeine) and watch that I'm eating enough because I tend not to be very hungry since I feel nauseaus.

It means I may be standing speaking to someone and not hearing a word they are saying because I'm feeling sweaty, and my heart is racing and I'm lightheaded and I'm trying not to hyperventilate and pass out.

It means I need to talk myself rational when I start to worry about something and to monitor whether I'm overreacting.

It means I have to think about what I'm thinking about and stop my mind from wandering with 'What If?" scenarios that will render me wild with worry.

It means that while I go about driving and teaching and parenting and cooking I'm also doing all of the above activities. Typically this means I'm basically incapable of making a decision because I can't see through all the cr*p going on in my head to decide anything.

Which means that by 3:00 I'm so exhausted of thought that I'm pretty tired physically as well.

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I like the table.

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