Saturday, September 21, 2013

Row Row Row Your Boat

Wondering what we're up to?
Well it's part of our recently finished unit about early explorers. You know that part in every explorers story where they finally spot land ..... it wasn't always all good news! 
There might be rocks, shallow waters and/or angry natives. And these would have major consequences.
Just ask Ferdinand Magellan, well actually you can't because he was killed by natives who waited patiently on shore while he rowed in and then attacked him. He wasn't able to escape back to his big boat because it was too far from the shoreline. Sad but true.
So they each created their own shoreline.
We took a look at how it would appear from their boats. And A showed what would happen if reckless sailors decided to come ashore anyway. That rowboat didn't have a chance.
Here's E's imagined shoreline. Looks calm, no sharp rocks, healthy vegetation.
From the boat there is evidence that an earlier settlement may have been here. See that abandoned looking fence structure? Wonder where the original settlers went? Maybe they'll find out when they row ashore.

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