Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Ark

Take the 401 to the 404 to the 407 until it becomes the 7. Keep going until you see the ..... camel.
You'll know you have arrived at Nova's Ark.
Check to make sure the lady who holds the fox and carries around the monkey is there.

Resident pig wandering around the grounds? Between naps of course.
Giant bald eagle looking fierce and majestic. Yup.
Take the chance to feed some animals. Goats, sacred cows from India, camels, zebras.
You know ... the usual.
Or if you're feeling exotic you can pet the kangaroos.
If you're into the creepy-crawlies ... there's the scorpion with the babies on it's back.
Or the golden-knee tarantula.
My favourite? The tortoise that has free reign of the yard. Mind you he has to keep his pylon on top so they can find him on the lawn.
So you're thinking .... camels, fox, monkeys, lemurs, kangaroos, llamas, porcupines, zebra, boa constrictor, tortoises, goats, pigs, bald eagles ..... what were the kids to be found for most of the visit?
At the guinea pig pit.
And it truly was a pit of guinea pigs.
In the name of authenticity I'll fill you in on the rest of what's going on around here.
It's not all fun and rescue farms you know!!
I have GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). I was diagnosed years ago. The majority of the time it is managed with medication, meditation and other strategies including the adherence to a predictable routine. 
However, major stress .... causes a flare up of symptoms. This move has been a major stress. But I'm working with the system, I'm leaning on my amazing family and I'm waiting for time to pass. Patience, patience.

There's a website that pretty clearly describes what it feels like to have GAD.

*Feeling by turns restless and agitated, but also exhausted and unable to cope.
*Unable to 'switch off' and relax.
*Always being 'on high alert'.
*Difficulty sleeping.
*Difficulty eating, digestive problems.
*Other physical symptoms of stress such as raised blood pressure, palpitations, sweating, rapid shallow breathing.
*Anxiety about everyday routines and circumstances, health worries, finances.
*Worries seem to be out of proportion, meaning other people may be at a loss to understand just what is bothering you.
*Worry seems to switch from one thing to another.

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