Sunday, September 01, 2013

We Are Family

It has been 13 years and two kids since we were last at the Orillia waterfront.
The beaches, water and parks were super fun for the boys.
And our hosts were game to try a train ride around the park. 
When I straggled out of bed this a.m. I found the boys congregated on the dock.
The weather looked questionable but our gallant captain still offered us a ride.

I just don't think there's anything these Bboys love more than a boat ride.
On our return the boys worked with the neighbour's grandkids in an attempt to catch minnows and crayfish.

That gave the four of us the chance to get in a little more visiting.
Thank you muchly to our hosts for the great weekend visit.
Next time .... our place ..... sushi!

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