Thursday, January 16, 2014

Crawford Lake

One of the great homeschool moms that we have met since moving had planned an outing to CrawfordLake for a group of us.
The first part of the day was spent learning/exploring an Iroquoian 15th century village. The second part involved snowshoes.

Here the boys are working on a craft before starting a big outdoor portion of the morning.
 The longhouses were big! Bigger than I anticipated. It was easy to see how these would have been a warm and welcoming place to be in the winter months.
The leader taught us how to play a First Nations winter game. It involved sliding sticks as 'snakes' across the winter snow to see whose would go the farthest.
They had a good old-fashioned brown bag lunch and then were taught some more by the facilitator.
 A little how-to on putting on the snow shoes and we were off!

Although it was a little chilly here today we didn't feel it in the cover of the trees.
And putting all that energy into hiking with snowshoes on helped us stay warm too. 
Group Shot
I forgot earlier this week to add E's Tuesday dinner info.
Tacos. Very yummy.


The Allen Family said...

Great pictures!
and I love the pictures of
Chef E

Anonymous said...

I sure wish that school was that much fun way back when I was attending. Great job folks, keep up the good work, and Eric, that looks delicious...
Love to all

Grampy P

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