Saturday, January 04, 2014

These Are NOT Reasons Why I Homeschool

Just  the record, the following are not reasons while I homeschool.

1. To keep them away from undesirable children.

2. To indoctrinate them with all of my personal beliefs.

3. To stop them from learning any bad words or information about s&x.

4. Because I can't think of anything else to do with my days and/or need them home to do chores.

5. Because I'm a crazy control freak and/or have trouble 'letting go' of the kids.

6. Because I think the public school system has nothing to offer and/or is an instrument of government control.

Just so everyone knows.


wendy said...

Someone was asking? It's none of our freakin business!!! You do what's best for your family! Period! .

Anonymous said...

Clearly. I've met them. Lovely examples of all things worldly with just enough sarcasm to showcase their social skills.

Best kids ever.

BarefootBeat said...

Couldn't agree more! Who is this?

Anonymous said...


Christmas Flurry....of Pictures