Thursday, January 23, 2014


Just some pictures of the kids chillin' here at the apartment.
Often when people find out that I homeschool the kids they'll say,
"I could never spend all that time with my kids."
So here are my completely unsolicited thoughts on that statement.
#1-Is there something about your children's behaviour that makes them not enjoyable?  Are they whiny, grumpy, obnoxious? If so, spending time with them will allow you to see where the behaviour is coming from and modify it. Are they tired? Frustrated? Sad? Fix it now before it becomes a habit!
#2-Is there something about your own personality that doesn't mesh well with them? Are you distracted? Dissatisfied? Tired? Impatient? Well here's that chance to mold feelings/behaviours that have been lurking!
#3-Does homeschooling sound like a weird/counterculture thing to do? Then just say it's outside your comfort zone.
#4-Do you want to work? Well then work. Own that. No biggie. There's no judgement here.
Finally, think about how that would sound if it was said in the reverse situation. If you said you were going back to work and I said, I could never spend that much time away from my kids. 
Rant over.
E has been wanting to try and use batteries to power a lightbulb using an old power cord.
He started working on it while I was cooking dinner. No sooner had he started than M (who was supposed to be doing homework!) had migrated over to the table. A Lego battery holding thing was made .... more wires were teased out of the old power cord ..... smaller lightbulbs located ....
And just before dinner was served .... voila ... LIGHT!!!

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