Tuesday, January 14, 2014


We play a lot of board games in this house. And this week we spiced it up with a few friends.
We started to play and next thing we knew ... three hours had gone by.
There was Connect4, CatanJr, BalancingClown, SpotIt, Battleship, SkipBo and GuessWho.
You know how sometimes you just get tired of your own recipes? Or maybe that's just me.
Anyway, a good friend of mine has kindly offered to let me poach her monthly menu.
The boys took turns last night bashing the chicken to prep it for Parmesan Chicken.
Not only are we adding to our meal repertoire, and yes there's actually a list that we keep of meals that we make, but we have eaten dinner at home for the last nine nights straight.

And we're still doing school. Not that it needs mentioning because we're always doing school.
Fractions are my favourite math subject and A is doing them now.
As with all subjects in this house it always goes back to the LEGO.
For example, what fraction of the mini-figs are girls? What fraction have head accessories? 

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