Monday, February 24, 2014

Highs and Lows

We don't normally have outings on Monday but today was an exception.
There was a class organized at the Science Centre at 11:15 and since we arrived early the boys explored a little. See E working there? That's what happens when you stray too close to Mom at the museum. If you can't find anything to do and hang around me .... I give you math to work on.
So if we're ever at a museum together .... look busy.
This was the Chemistry workshop. So ... so .... good. The scientist was super engaging and the kids were completely enthralled. 
During the presentation A kept asking if they were going to blow something up.
And they did. A balloon filled with hydrogen. Very cool.
But not everything they learn seems to stick.
I feel strongly about the kids learning French and as a result it has been something we have invested a fair amount of time and money on. Workbooks, speaking French at home, and tutors. Oh the tutors. We had a tutor come weekly the three years we were in the states and the first year we were back (the second year we did Latin). So that's four years of one hour a week, subtracting holidays etc., so let's say about 140-150 hours of tutors. Plus they have been doing Rosetta Stone this year.
On the way out of the museum I was saying it was important to know certain common French phrases, for example, Do you speak English?, or, English please.
At that point A said, "I know how to say that. I think it's englishpleaseaurevoir."
And he was serious. Actually serious. Two english words and the word good-bye.
140 hours of tutoring and he says, revoir.
Le sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Oh nana's sweethearts are something!!!!

The professor looks like the "mad professor" with the hair.

Dinner looked delicious....a nice change from the every day routine. But then again what is routine with Johanna...she is always looking for something new and interesting to try.

Love to

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