Saturday, February 01, 2014

We Built This City

Well we finished it. The three of us have been working on a collaborative effort. Duties were divided based on our strengths. I worked on the main structures, walls, windows, roofs. A worked on special projects like the fountain and the pet store. And E pretty much took over the rest. Details, mini-figs, furniture, cars. It was about 15%, 15%, 70%.
And now I present .... Our City.
It's a busy place. Always some cleaning going on or parcels being delivered.
Not that they don't have time to relax. They stop for ice cream and/or tacos ... or sit on their outdoor balconies.
The main floor features a clothing store. You can check out the mannequins and then make your purchases.
E told me he modeled it after an OldNavy kind of idea.
If you don't mind line ups then you can grab a coffee at the coffee shop next door.
Or if you still have the shopping bug you can visit the computer store or the pet store.
The second floor boasts three separate apartments. Each decorated to suit the tastes of their owners. Whether you're sitting down to eat, reading a great book or getting some work done at home you'll find space in these apartments. Each with their own balcony!
The entire third floor is reserved for the penthouse suite. It has a much bigger kitchen, dishwasher, leather couch ..... and a soaker tub in the bathroom!!
This was really fun. The details came together to create something really unique. Next up for these LEGO builders ..... a church.
Thankfully we still have the construction crane that E made for the apartments to use on the church.


Mama Bear said...

That is really really neat! What imagination and attention to detail!

Anonymous said... all I can say. Amazing detail....I am sure you three could enter a contest at Lego and win...hands down.

Love to

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing....I guess you all will be going to see the LEGO movie....and by the look of this exhibit,you all could give the movie studio, some well defined lessons on production...
Exceptionally well done to all
Love Grampy Peter

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