Monday, September 01, 2014


After that two day string of school and a great afternoon at the beach ....
we went away for the long weekend.
Our arrival was celebrated with a big old UncleJ bonfire. And the safety patrol stood by with hoses just in case.
The weather was just right for a ride.
And the weather just kept on being nice so we went to the splash park. I think V was getting some future hints about how to splash like a big kid.
We took the opportunity to celebrate V's birthday early.
You can see by her face here that she wasn't exactly sure about the whole cake/candle/singing thing.
But then she asked us to do it again. And since she's two .... no reason not to do it twice.
When the cake came in with candles blazing the second time she was loving it!
I just love the way these two hang out together. Great cousin friendship developing.
And then we head back to our town for the 'official' start of the school year.
Time to really buckle down!
Starting tomorrow.

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