Thursday, September 11, 2014

House Updates

Unfortunately we had to say good bye to our backyard tree today.
The arborist was concerned it wouldn't stay up through the winter.
In no time at all ... it was going, going, gone.

So now, I'd like to put a new (not rotting) shed in that back corner.
That would allow me to use the sunny space where the current (rotting) shed is ..... for a backyard garden next year.
Beans, tomatoes, sunflowers and squash.
Hoping I can get it sorted out before planting season.
(Fingers crossed. Anybody want to help me get this ready to go?)
This is what our living room looked like before our last move.
We knew we wanted to do something really different when we got back.
It gave M&I the chance to try some DIY skills we hadn't tried before.
And the results .......
(if you click on the pics you can see them bigger)
... furniture, paint, accent chair, carpet ... 
... fireplace mantel, hearth, lampshade, curtains ...
... pillows. It was a total rework.
I love the way it came out and I love spending time in there now.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention pot lights and crown moulding. :-) MJB

Anonymous said...

It all looks great......amazing!

Wow the backyard looks so different. Yes, a shed would be nice in that spot.

A produce garden.....sorry, I wouldn't have clue. I am flowers only.

Love to

Your famous "Ford" brothers are certainly entertaining! The late night shows should have a blast with this one.

Anonymous said...

Your new couches and living room look so so so cool! I love it!

Cousin Sarah

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