Friday, September 19, 2014


This week the boys had their first day of co-op and for A it was his first day of co-op EVER.
Which made me realize that E had his first day of co-op at about the same age. But I seem to remember E being older when he started so I went back and looked at the blog from that day.
He wasn't bigger. It seems my 'baby' A looks always younger in my mind.
Anyway, I babble, here they are from this week.
M bought this game for us last weekend. Awesome. I like the intro version of play ..... it takes about an hour. Super fun. There's very little waiting between turns and the kids love it.


Plan2Homeschool said...

Is this both the boys on Tuesday? Or is one A's first coop and the other E's first coop pic.

BarefootBeat said...

This is both the boys this week. Goodness...otherwise E would have been a giant at age 9. If you follow the link in the sentence above you can see E's first co-op day.

Anonymous said...

Saw this yesterday...cute!

Looking forward to your race pictures tomorrow....crossing the finish line!!!1

Love to all....nana
Today, we have another Barefoot in the world....praise God.

Anonymous said...

I figured, especially with the woman behind him I recognized.

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