Friday, November 26, 2010

Big Day

This is why they like Grnny more. She makes them pancakes shaped like mice.

A made a great drawing of his dad as a turkey.

This is A bringing another plan together. He wanted to make our centerpiece out of food so a plan was hatched.

Not quite done but it's getting there.


The table is ready.


Construction time. Gingerbread houses.

Fun fun. And look who's holding the baby.
The kids got out their camera today and here is the day from their perspective.

Dinner's coming........

It looked and tasted good.

Peek-a-boo. I see you.

Was this picture taken from DownUnder?
Hello Mr.Wst.

Two cooks in the kitchen??

Big brother.


Here's Granny.

Glamour shot.

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Anonymous said...

Wow what great smiles and what a great time was had by all looking at these pictures.

It was great chatting over the weekend.Ilove talking with the boys although Adam is often playing chess and can't be interrupted...serious stuff!!!!

Love mom/nana

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