Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day Three

And we arrive when it opens.

First stop, race cars. We revisited these later in the day for another spin around the track.

Second stop, roller coaster. (We did this one twice in the a.m. and three times in the p.m.)

This was E's least favourite.

A loved it.

There was a short comedy show. They both loved it.
A little bit of monkeying around.

The ferry over to TomSwyer'sIslnd.

There were lots of places to explore on the island.

Even a fort with guns!

The boys do love their guns.

This is in SwssFmlyRobnsn Treehouse.

E was showing us his moves before getting on the MagcCrpt Ride.

More goofin' around.

We had to have an ice cream break.

The castle changes colours at night. I couldn't decide what colour was the most beautiful.

And the fireworks, wow!
There's no pics of us on the medium-sized rollercoaster but we went on that one three times. The last two times E came with us!

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