Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 1-AnimalKngdm

So we're here.
And the first night we went to DowntownDsny. Met up with some friends who just happened to also be here on vacation.
Walked around and saw the L_E_G_O store.

The house we are staying at....has a playroom with a basketball game in it.

Today we went to AnimalKngdom. One of the first things we did was take in a show.

Can you guess which one?
This was in the Afrca Section.

There is a great petting zoo area.

This is us on safari.

Both the boysd loved this ride. We went on 4 times.
A was very disappointed that he couldn't go on this ride. He wants to come back when he is 48...inches tall that is.

E did go on the ride....and it didn't kill him. And what doesn't kill you....
More later.

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The Allen Family said...

Wow... you guys have got right into the business of fun!
I love love love the photo of the giraffe.....

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