Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day Four

Let's go see some alligators.

Aw. These are cute.

Hm. These guys are a bit bigger. And not as cute.
They each took a turn holding the big snake, some kind of constrictor.
E said it felt strong.

These birds are very brave to go on the back of those 'gators.

This bird looked very strange. Still don't know what kind it is.
These I recognized.
These fish are so accustomed to getting food thrown to them that they just all sit at the top of the water.

We spent a bit of time watching them.

There was a guy there wrestling a 'gator.

He sure makes it look easy.
This is the safe side of the fence.

This is not the safe side of the fence.

Getting the 'gator food.

Chow time.

Good thing those guys with sticks are there to keep everyone safe.

Isn't there some rule about turning your back on an alligator?

There should definitely be a rule.

They look happy now they have been fed.

These are alligators from a different part of the park.
These creatures are so elegant.
There was a great play structure.

Goofin' around with a fake alligator.

And we met friends for dinner tonight.


The Allen Family said...

I love the day 4 photos.... what a great time.
The bird is a Wood Stork. It is on the endangered list.


Jenn said...

WHat fun you must have all had. I am with you on the safe side of the fence.

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