Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day Five

Here we are at Epct.

Really cool lettuce growing like a Micky.

The Canada Pavilion.
The U.K. Pavilion.

The France Pavilion....we had pastry here.

Great test track ride.

E was a little worried before we went on.
But he felt safer with daddy.

Here's E doin' a little dance at the Mexico Pavilion.

We went on the ride at the Norway Pavilion.

And there were great performers at the China Pavilion.

And Germany.....can't you just smell the beer.

The USA Pavilion was already prepped for Christmas.

Look how high he can jump.
There was a great exhibit where the kids could drive.

And also this neat virtual shuffleboard game.

And of course, more fireworks.
P.S. Not that I'm complaining...but Epcot was my least fave of the parks this week.

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Christmas Flurry....of Pictures