Saturday, March 19, 2011

Goin' to the Zoo Again-But This Time with Friends

First stop, the turtles on the island.

On map duty, A.

We had a little peek at the elephants.

The pandas were beautiful. And, they are from China (our current unit study topic).

A great pic of 4 of the 5 little ones
Here's a close-up of A.

And a close-up of E.

This is what A looks like from the lion's perspective.

And before leaving we went to their fave part-the gopher playground.

It was great to see the zoo with friends. Thanks for inviting us along.

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Mama Bear said...

What zoo is this? Is it the National Zoo? I have never see those 'ZOO' letters nor the gopher playground. So neat and FUN!

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