Thursday, September 09, 2010

Back At It

Back to school and back to 'the office' for me. I use the passenger seat as my centre of operations...books to return...list of things to do...stuff to mail...cheques to deposit....

And our daily 'to-do' list. I do love lists. E devised the plan that if it is on the right side then it's done...the middle means we're doing it right now...the left means it is still to be completed.

We're currently studying Canada as our unit study. We did a KWL on beavers today. Did you know they are NorthAmerica's biggest rodent?!

They have been loving their place value work this week. No sheet work just manipulatives.

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Anonymous said...

And little E looked at the front seat with wonder and awe and pondered, what must it be like up there?

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