Saturday, September 04, 2010

UncleJ showed us a really beautiful part of the country.

We wanted to take a closer look.

Here we are about to get started.

Down we climb to get to the water.
Isn't this tree beautiful?

Slow and easy.

These two were loving the adventure.
Here they are picking their way through the falls.

This is looking back on the section that we walked down.

Right in the middle of the stream there is a deep part that the big boys were jumping in.

The water was cold but it was a hot day so nobody minded.

Now it's time to climb our way back out.

Hot but happy at the end of the trek.

The boys caught a frog at the falls and we brought him back to the house. UncleJ let them use his old aquarium and they had a pet for a couple of days.

His name was "Croaky".

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