Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Goin' to the Zoo

We were so lucky today. When we arrived at the zoo the orangutangs were just heading out over the O-line (an overhead climbing system the zoo has for them).

This guy had me wondering about all those sightings of Bgfoot. Orangutans maybe??

They may not be exotic but my kids love the turtles.

This was A's favourite animal today....the prairie dog.

They even have a place where the kids can pretend to be prairie dogs.
There are misters all over the zoo for cooling down on a hot day.

The big cats were out to see what was going on.
This guy was a cutie.

We took a visit into the invertebrates building.

Here the boys are with a very cooperative sloth bear.
And of course the pandas.

The zoo is still working on the elephant walk but we caught sight of them today.

I was loving the look of these blue crested pigeons in the bird house.
One disappointment today was that because of the elephant walk construction we didn't get to see the beavers.
The other was that because I lost the phone number of the friends we were supposed to meet up with we never found each other. (Somehow despite spending over four hours walking around we were not able to find the group of three adults and seven kids (one in a wheelchair) we were trying to find.)

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Anonymous said...

The pictures of zoo animals somehow reminds me of my day. Too bad I can't put my students in cages.


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