Sunday, September 05, 2010

Last Day Together

We went by this cool hotel and were looking around. I thought it was funny to see all three boys walking with the same foot forward.

The real purpose of our day was to go to Collingwood Caves.

These two are like little mountain goats.

These two too.

So beautiful. famille.
Voila....l'autre famille.

We all took up the challenge and squeezed through FatMan'sMisery.

This was a mushroom growing outside one of the caves....beautiful.

And our professional frog catcher found this guy in the moss outside one of the caves.

Here the guys are in one of the caves.
We rode a tractor to get to the suspension bridge.
E was not loving the suspension bridge.
A was loving the bridge.
There was a little train ride we did ride on.
The boys did get to sit in the front for a picture.

A decided he didn't want his pic taken anymore so M chased him down to get this one.

You can see the grown-ups are getting tired....we're sitting down. Day is done.


Cathy said...

Looks like everyone had a grand adventure!

The Allen Family said...

Wow.... we will be in Collingwood the first of October and after seeing your blog we are putting the caves on our "to-do" list.
Super photos... nice to see J and L.

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