Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Report

On Friday night we went to the park across the street for a group get together...they call it pizza in the park...but we ate at home before we went over.

Here's M helping A climb the swing set.
E and his friend.


On Saturday A wasn't feeling that well early in the day so he stayed home while E went to a birthday party. Then we went for a walk downtown to see the art show and had dinner at LaMad. Little guy was obviously feeling better by then but was still in his p.j.s
This a.m. we had church.

And then we joined some friends for skating.

M helped their little girl get her ice legs.

Too much fun skating....I couldn't believe how quickly the kids picked it up. Don't they both look like such big kids!!

Here's A on the way home from our Sunday dinner out with friends.

When we got home tonight we saw that our neighbours had a catering company working out of the garage....the serving staff were all dressed up......interesting.

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