Wednesday, April 06, 2011

And Now the First Day Here

Even though we had to wake up at 4:50a.m. to get to our flight the kids were in good humour. Now this wasn't our first stop.....but it was close to our first stop. This is the best known symbol of Winnipeg. The Golden Boy. It can be found on top of the Legislative Building. More pics of the Legislative Building. GrndmDrdre took the kids in to see this place. I was sleeping in the truck......zzzzzzzzz. E took this pic. Then we visited The Forks. It's the time of year when the thaw begins in this area. The combination of melting snow/ice, Spring rains, and water from the two rivers merging at this point creates a situation ripe for flooding. You can see a triangle shape in the water in the background? That is handrail to the walking path that is normally accessible. But the waters have started to rise. You can see here how the ice from the river can create bit of a jam before it thaws. This exacerbates the flooding problem. Here's a shot of the boys with one of the kitties here. And I'm hoping that's it for today because I am TIRED!!!

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Cathy said...

Nice photo of the legislature. I think I had my photo taken beside the bison at the legislature when I was a little older then the boys are now. Sure brings back memories. Enjoy your visit.

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