Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rescue Me

This is the last of my 'ME' posts. The boys arrived back late last night. I've already started snapping pics so their smiling faces will soon return. O.k....back to me.

I have the best family. We had made a plan for how these last two weeks were supposed to go. Lots of flights, lots of fun.

However, eight days in...I put an offer on a house. (With M's consultation and agreement of course). And true to form, my family stepped up. Setting aside their own schedules. Writing cheques for deposits until my bank...I mean husband...arrived with a cheque. Escorting my boys back on the plane so I could take time to do paperwork. Taking time off work to drive up from VA. (Guess who that was?) Never suggesting/mentioning that this might be a crazy thing to do.

And this isn't a one-off kind of an event. This has happened before. Many times. Anyway, thanks family. You're the best.

And now.....back to the good stuff.

The boy's flight was supposed to arrive at 10:00p.m. but they didn't get in until 11:45p.m. Long day.


Cathy said...

It sounds like you have a great and wonderful family! But then again isn't this what the meaning of family is. I hope you and your boys enjoyed spending time with family.

Mama Bear said...

Wait...I didn't know you were MOVING!!!!

And you know what the 'security code' is this time to leave a message here? butweddi

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