Thursday, April 28, 2011

Many Moods of Mario

Yoshi has a long tongue
He can eat Goombas
Yoshi is our super hero

Mario and Yoshi-(E)
Up goes Mario
Down onto Yoshi
Up Yoshi jumps
Down goes Yoshi
Down down down he goes
Down the tube
Watch out there's a Goomba about
Yoshi is our super star

Mario can jump and run
He and Luigi have lots of fun
In this game there are guys good and bad
If you don't save the princess it is way sad
Yoshi will help him but Bowser will kill
When Mario's with Toad no spaghetti will spill
Yikes! Watch out!
There's a goomba about
But Yoshi's a hero he will save the day
He'll swallow the goomba. Hip-hip-hip-hooray!!

1 comment:

The Allen Family said...

Your poetry is so fun to read.... I'm loving it!
or rather....

Granny thinks you are amazing,
I just can't get enough.
Sending you kudo and lots of praising,
I'm going to read all your stuff.

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